LaCrese Green for Seattle School Board


A Public Servant

          I Serve You the Public


          I believe that the role of any government official or employee is that of a servant and a servant of the public.  If honored to be your school board member, I will be there to serve you the public in preparing your children for adulthood.   

          I believe that your desire is that educators impart the skills and knowledge needed by the students to function as an adult.  And that instruction in a public institution should be limited to this one purpose. 

          I also believe that the school is the training ground for students to practice the role they’ll assume as an adult.  And that this is the only practice that should take place in a public school. 


           Educating Your Children as You Desire


          To accomplish this, my duty will be to work closely with and assist the teachers and to provide the tools and resources needed for the teachers to do their job and for the students theirs. 

          I feel that the greatest good that I could do is to adopt a textbook that covers the skills and knowledge needed in each particular subject.  This would include adopting math textbooks with the rules and instructions on how to compute numbers and so forth.  

          I believe that my second duty will be to stand in defense of the students and teachers and see that no undue burden or unreasonable expectation is placed upon them. 

          I believe that psychological testing that determines if a student meets or does not meet expectations has been a grievous, undue burden upon students and teachers.  And that the National CORE Standards requires unreasonable expectations of teachers and students.  I will work to get rid of both.


          Educators' Success Dismal


                    I believe that we educators have failed to do our duty when over 50 percent of our graduates fail the college entrance math exam, a simple 9th grade algebra test, even though they meet expectations.  And over 70 percent of the students in our community colleges are taking remedial math.  I cannot believe that you the public can be satisfied with this. 

          As a board member, I will do all in my power to see that no student leaves high school without a solid foundation in math.  That’s why I will work to adopt math textbooks that deal solely with numbers.  And I will endeavor to do the same in all other subjects.


Vote by November 5 for

LaCrese Green

School Board Member, Position 5