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Glad Rags

Come Now 

         “Come now” is a Jewish expression that means to prepare your mind and body to accept this with the idea of giving.  Judah in Genesis 38 asked Tamar, “Come now, I pray thee, let me -- .” 

           Judah was a gentleman just like Christ who asked instead of taking by force what he wanted. 

           In Isaiah 1, the Lord is asking, “Come now and let us reason.”  It’s our thoughts that cause us to err, but if reason is allowed to sit on her lofty throne, then the conclusion will be that God’s way is best. 

           Let us reason together while comparing our thoughts with God’s.  In so doing we’ll sharpen the countenance of one another and rise to soar with the eagles, the sky being our limit. 


Glad Rags

Written in 1997 for the Sanctified One, my 4 year old friend


                  As a child Sister Green was taught some things.  She learned the meaning of an expression that was used quite often in the South.  Yes, she’s a Southern Belle and loves it!

                  “Get your Glad Rags on and come on here.  Get in the harness to help pull your end of the load,” was an order, not a suggestion! 

                  Glad Rags meant one of three things.

1.     Cheer up – Put a smile on your face.  Sister Green can be very stern when she says, “I didn’t do you any wrong so don’t take it out on me.  And life is hard enough without you adding excess burdens.  Now, learn to accept the givens in life and be content therewith.”


2.    Get the chip off your shoulder.  Learn to live and let live.  Quit fighting for senseless causes or trying to impose your views or wishes upon others because to do so is a bigot.  Get rid of sectionalism (slicing the pie) and the party spirit (better-than-thou attitude).  Remember, all were created just as wise and intelligent as you!  


3.    Get your feelings off your elbows.  Grow up!  Stop being a sourpuss.  Get rid of the pouting, ‘pity me’ attitude.  Sister Green says that even I am old enough to take no for an answer and old enough that no doesn’t hurt me.  Also, learn to forgive and forget.  As you’d have God to forgive and show mercy unto your faults and failures, do likewise unto others.


4.    Come on here or Come now mean the same.  Come on here means get in the groove or let it become your way of life. 

    Make it a daily habit of keeping your glad rags on and of pulling your share of the load.  It means to get off your laziness to do your share of the chores.  If you fail to do your job, others must do the work of two and that’s a big no-no at Blossom Day Care!


                  Sister Green says that all had heard of this by the time they entered first grade.  When all abide by these four little rules, life is happy and peaceful.  It lays the foundation where a strong character and a good attitude can be developed.