LaCrese Green for Seattle School Board


Where I've Been and What I've Done . . .



          I am LaCrese Green and running for the Seattle School Board Position 5.  

          I have lived in this District for 39 years.  I am very familiar with the schools.  I have been a tutor of Ethiopian children for the last 15 years.  Some of the parents have asked for my help with issues at schools.  I have met with teachers and principals, attended Parent/Teacher conferences, open house and math evenings.  I have worked with students attending high schools at Franklin, Garfield, and Ballard, Summit K-12, Asa Mercer, McClure, & Washington middle schools, Madrona & TOPS K-8.  I have also worked with students at elementary schools, such as Beacon Hill, John Muir, Stevens, Leschi, Orca, Lawton and the Spectrum Program.

          I know what I will be getting into if elected to the school board.  I attended most of the community meetings about school closures and testified against school closures & against the adoption of reform math.  I attended the Student Learning Committee meetings.  During that time, WASL scores were discussed as was the Technology Access Foundation & Everyday Math.  The Technology Access Foundation at Rainier Beach was an attempt to privatize the running of the school, which thankfully was defeated.  Everyday Math unfortunately was adopted.

          I am for adopting better math books and for preserving diverse programs like the American Indian Heritage High School and the African American Academy.  I feel that the WASL did not accurately represent the true measure of a studentís ability.  (I went to Olympia for five years to petition legislators to stop funding and supporting the WASL.)   I have been concerned with the District mishandling funds.  A recent audit showed continuing problems with finances.  If elected, I will daylight issues and not let them drag on for years.

          Please remember to vote LaCrese Green for Seattle School Board Position No. 5 on November 5th.