LaCrese Green for Seattle School Board


Entire Generation



Deficient in Math






          Over 50 percent of our graduates fail college entrance math exam.  The test is simply 9th grade algebra which means the graduates can't solve problems with one or two unknowns.  What will they do with the unknowns thrown at them in life?

          Also, 70 percent in our community colleges are taking remedial math.  How can that be when we've spent 13 long years drilling them in the 3R's and the test shows they've met expectations. 

          Because of this deficiency our graduates have a disability.  Even college professors dumb down their courses to accommodate such.  This was not heard of in times past.  Why now?   

           I believe that the WASL did it and now the CORE Standards which is the same as the WASL will continue such.  

           And how many believe in the merits of these two?  I for one do not.   


           So who can break the spell that binds and put us back on track?


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