LaCrese Green for Seattle School Board

Why Vote for LaCrese?    


My Top 3 Priorities


             ∑      Better Textbooks to teach and test from. 

 Students often arenít provided good textbooks.  This hinders classroom instructions and learning. 

      Diverse Programs


ŁSave Indian Heritage High School

ŁReopen African American Academy


      Sound Fiscal Practices  Use money as earmarked.  Use wise managerial practices.


      Equalize Education 


Spend dollars/child.  Offer same subjects and programs, such as ArtsEd and STEM , at all schools.  Adopt textbooks that teachers recommend.


      Level Playing Field

     Have section for Petitioners and Delegates at Board meeting.  Overturn gag rule.  Have place for all at table.  

      Keep Our Schools Open and Public

I opposed school closures and Charter Schools.  I opposed Technology Access Foundationís attempt to privatize the running of Rainier Beach High School.