LaCrese Green for Seattle School Board


LaCrese's Top 3 Priorities 

          Unless you understand the background, my priorities may not make sense.  I trust that by giving both it will clarify my position.




          Over 50 percent of our graduates fail the college entrance math exam, a simple 9th grade algebra test, even though they meet expectations.  And over 70 percent in our community colleges are taking remedial math.  And I feel the same would be true if tested in grammar.  How can this be?  We failed to teach math and played games.  As a board member, I will do all in my power to see that no student leaves high school without a solid foundation in all of the subjects.

          Also the board remote controls the classroom down to dictating what the students can or cannot eat or drink, what test the teachers will give and the list endless. The CORE Standards and standardized test are psychological evaluations that have placed undue burdens and unreasonable expectations upon the teachers and students.


Priority #1


          To improve education we must adopt a textbook that covers the skills and knowledge needed in each particular subject.  Adopt math textbooks that deal solely with numbers.  Make a policy to get rid of the CORE Standards and standardized test.  Make it a policy that the board stops controlling the classroom.


The Board


          Action of the board should be by the consent of the governed.  This means majority rule.  There is still much unrest in the community over the boardís action in the last 10 years.

          Soliciting public input WHEN IT WAS NOT USED and going against the majority was the most hurtful thing when time has shown that the majority was right.  Why did they?  The board agrees with my opponent who claims that the judgment of the public is unreliable in regards to school matters (but okay at the polls) and that heíll use data and research to drive his decisions.  Their disregard extends to all even to blocking input by taking no action on petitions.  Teachers and petitioners beg for 2 minutes during public testimony in order to get their message to the board and delegates come through administration or committee meetings.  (This is how publishers pushed through reform math that psychoanalyses students.)


Priority 2


          To bring back unity and tranquility in this district, the board must make it a policy that majority rules at all times.  Make it a policy that we have a section for Petitioners and Delegates during board meetings in order to level the playing field for all wanting to have an input and no more back door tactics.  Make it a policy that action will be taken on all petitions.  Make it a policy that redress will be given for any grievance filed to avoid lawsuits.




          Board macro-managing them.  Out of control because of no head who has the same attitude as the board.  Their recommendations confirm this.  No head means a district with no vision and no guidance.  The sup and administration have their head in the sand denying any problems or no clue on how to solve them while claiming that every child is being challenged every day.  One look at the above statistics blows that theory. 

          Some claim that with a little more tweaking of psychological testing weíll have a model for the world to copy.  I say a reality check reveals that striving for a picture perfect world-class system is fatalistic.  (Isnít that what Hitler envisioned?)  To obtain such, undue burdens and unreasonable expectations are being placed upon students and teachers.  Yes, our children are being used as guinea pigs with the adults (teachers, parents and etc.) trampled upon.  Thanks to no head!


Priority #3


          Make it a policy that the superintendent has the following qualifications.  One that is capable and willing to be the head.  One who can unite administration and the faculty and lead us in resolving any discrepancies in this district so that all of our youth can get the training and education they need. 

          I recommend an elected, civic-minded member of our community who loves to let majority rule and above all one who cares and is committed to insuring the future success of all of our children.  Make it a policy that only like-minded individuals work in this district.  Iím off the chart here, but make it a policy that only like-minded individuals run for the school board.


Vote by November 5 for

LaCrese Green

School Board Member, Position 5