LaCrese Green for Seattle School Board



CORE Standards

Is Not Math 


            Math is a science, but the object of the CORE Standards is to play games with numbers to determine your cognitive abilities or IQ.  To call it math is a misnomer.  The same was true of the WASL.

            Some believe we need a test, but do we need a psychology test? 

            I too believe we need a test, but I believe that the test should be an academics test.  

            And I say we must prepare students for adult life.  But we have not done so when over 50 percent of our graduates still fail the college entrance math exam which is a 9th grade algebra test.  And over 70 percent of the students in our community colleges are taking remedial math.  

            I believe that the best of our students go to college, so how many more of our graduates would fail math?  

How can the scores say that the graduates meet normal expectations when they fail the college entrance math exam? I say that the scores are wrong.  And I say away with a test that does not accurately measure the student's abilities.    

I say wherever there's failure then that is where I should place my energies.  I believe that a textbook that teaches math computation would prevent further failure.    

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LaCrese Green

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